Zerg Canadians

Welcome to the until-very-recently-dead-and-buried realm of the Zerg Canadians! Ravil has finally decided to take the time to put all of the old Zerg Canadian stories back up on the 'Net, so offer him your money or your virginity or something in return for this prolific effort. Here you can access information regarding our not-so mighty branch of the Swarm, and view stories written by our talented (and utterly underpaid) authors.


  • Read up on the cast list
  • Learn about our enemies, allies, and that thing over there in the corner
  • Find out what Geek is working on in the Lab


  • Original stories by the Zerg Canadians
  • All based in the CWAL universe

    Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think. I used to have the e-mail addresses of the other significant Zerg Canadians up here, but they were over two years old and I had a feeling they would be discarded at this point.


  • King of the Canuckalisks

    O Canada!