Zerg Canadians


The Fate of the Dwarves
By Palin

(Scene sets as Ravil is sitting on the throne... the ZC throne that is! He was feeling bored, seeing as how nothing was really happening.)

Ravil: Cydric, do something funny!

Cydric: Do I have to?

Ravil: Hmmm... YES!

Cydric: Umm... err...

(Cydric cringes in fear because he can't think of anything to do and Ravil laughs. Cydric feels quite relieved.)


(Ravil smacks Cydric upside the head.)

Cydric: Owie!

(Cydric begins running around in circles bleeding. Ravil keeps laughing as Palin walks in.)

Palin: I heard someone scream... thought maybe I could help KEEL someone.

Ravil: Oh, twas' just Cydric. Palin, it's good you're here, go kill a random CWALer.

Palin: Err... why?

Ravil: You will talk with your accent in my presence!

Palin: Umm... aye, laddie!

Ravil: Better, I want some bloodshed, so go bring me the head of a CWALer. And, not Jolt, Debris, or Ni.




Palin: Aye, laddie. Dorris!

Dorris: *Mule noises*

Palin: Then let's go!

Ravil: Accent, ACCENT!

Palin: Fine, fine. Aye, then Dorris, let's go laddie!

(Palin mounts Dorris the infested mule of doom and rides out the door, bound for Irvine.)


(Scene sets in Irvine, outside CWAL HQ)

Palin: Ach, that was fast!

Dorris: Bahhhh!

Palin: You're a mule, shaddup!

Dorris: You're a dwarf!

Palin: Ach, I'll speak in my accent then, ok?

Dorris: *Mule noises*

Palin: Aye, that's better!

(Palin walks into CWAL HQ)

Iolaus: Wow, another newbie!

Palin: NEWBIE?

Iolaus: Umm... let me direct you to Dark Chrono, since everyone loves to use him in stories!

(Dark Chrono merrily stroles in and Iolaus vanishes.)

Dark Chrono: So, you wanna join CWAL?

Palin: Ach, NO! Are you a... a CWALer?

Dark Chrono: Why yes and *AAAUGGHHHH!*

(Palin slices off Dark Chrono's head.)

Palin: This should please Ravil!

(As Palin mounts Dorris and leaves Irvine, a portal opens in front of him and Palin is sucked in.)


(Scene sets in limbo.)

Palin: What the bloody 'ell is this place?

Voice: Welcome to the refuge of the damned.

Palin: Ach, who said that?

Voice: My name is Voice.

Palin: Ahh, where is this place?

Voice: The Void.

Palin: Oh god, someone banned me from channel CWAL ?

Voice: Wrong Void.

Palin: Oh god, I must have broken some ancient taboo!

(Ravil's voice pops into Palin's head.)

Ravil: Use the accent, use the accent!

Voice: Who's that?

Palin: Just Ravil... I mean, Ach, just Ravil, laddie. Soo, I'm not on a channel on battle.net, then where be I ?

Voice: Well, you DID break the ancient taboo of killing a CWALer who everyone loves.

Palin: Issat is, laddie ? Listen, I gave 'im plenty 'o warnins and he wouldn't stop calling me Pamn!

Voice: Err... what?

Palin: Ach, sorry, non-story related topic.

Voice: Anyways, there's no way to return now... unless...

Palin: Unless?

Voice: Your other half can right your wrong.

Palin: WHAT?


As the dwarf rode through the woods, he could hear the enemies behind him. Ogres, it just had to be ogres. Patting his griffin, he turned around and drew his axe. The griffin merely stared around smiling. Charging into their prey, the ogres did not expect to have to fight Palin Trollslasher, prince of Khaz Modan and Dor'Inth, griffin warrior. Expecting your average dwarf riding a horse, the ogres figured a griffin would be flying, and did not expect to be pecked at and slashed by claws. The bite of the dwarf's axe was like nothing they had ever felt before.

"Retreat!" cried what appeared to be the ogre leader, who was quickly chopped down by the dwarven axe. No one seemed to hear him, or if they did, didn't seem to care.

The dwarf continued his rampage, shouting "KEEL!" and other threats and curses. An ogre attempted to seize the griffin's reins and was quickly chopped down by the blade of the dwarf. Quickly spinning to face his new enemy, Palin cut down two ogres with one slice. The few ogres who were left were no longer charging to overwhelm their oponent.

"Where am I?" Palin asked Dor'Inth, who replied a few words in the griffin language. "Not again!" the dwarf seemed to be having a break-down, and the ogres saw their chance. All at once they charged. Palin, no longer the blood-crazed maniacal personna, cried "Dorris, get us out of here!" and the griffin soon took off. Once more away from chaos, the dwarf grew drowzy and fell asleep.


(Scene sets back in limbo.)

Palin: You're telling me there's another... me? Ach, well I'd best be wakin' up now, laddie.

Voice: Please, sir, don't make this more difficult than it has to be. You must choose someone to whom you can communicate so they can track down your other.

Palin: Who could I trust... Cydric is too stupi-

Voice: Cydric it is!

Palin: ACH! I didn't mean it!

Voice: Too late, you will now be able to communicate with that little Defiler. Good hunting...

(Voice's voice fades into the distance.)

Palin: Wait, who IS my other part?

Voice: How many dwarves do YOU think there are on this planet?

Palin: Ach...


(Scene sets at Zerg Canadian HQ.)

Cydric: Did you see something?

Ravil: Don't you mean hear?

Cydric: ... did I hear something?

Ravil: I don't know!

(Ravil lashes Cydric across the face with his tale.)

Palin: Ach, listen, laddie, ye' have to find ME!

Ravil: I have an idea, go find Palin!

Cydric: That's what the voice said!

Ravil: No, that's what I said.

Palin: Ach...

Ravil: Just go!

Cydric: Yessir.

(Cydric leaves the HQ in search of the wayward dwarf.)


As Palin and Dor'inth flew over the forest, they began to come upon screams. Not of fear, or pain, but something else. Searching for the source, Palin saw an odd looking man standing alone in the woods, bodies lying around him. Thinking another party had been attacked by ogres, the dwarf swooped down to help. Upon landing, though, he noticed something. The corpses were burned, and even in their current state were much too large to be human. Apparently, the ogres had been the ones attacked. Coming upon the man, Palin noticed he was a mage. Naturally distrusting magic, the dwarf began to go back to Dor'inth, but was stopped.

"Who dares tresspass in my land?" shouted the man, "other than those who lie dead?"

"My name, magus, is Palin Trollslasher. What, praytell, be yours?"

"That is no business of yours" commented the mage, "what is your business sir?"

"I am simply traveling through here when I heard some shouts..." the dwarf trailed off at the sight before him. Gathering energy, the mage's hands were emitting a harsh blue aura, which was extending itself towards the scared dwarf, away from the black-robed wizard.

"On your knees, worm, before I destroy you!" shouted the mad archmagus, backing up his claim with another extension of his energy.

"But... I...", Palin never finished the sentence. Unleashing a huge blast of energy, the dwarf was incinerated and the mage walked away, laughing at the pathetic creature.


(Scene sets with Cydric in, where else, Irvine.)

Cydric: Well, this is where we sent him.

Palin: Ach, why would my 'other' be there, laddie? Go to Canada, that's where I was and I'm sure that's where he'll be.

Cydric: Lalala, not going to listen to the voices in my head, lala.

Palin: ACH!

(Cydric goes to CWAL HQ, but only sees a bunch of people huddling over a decapitated protoss. He keeps walking.)

Palin: Ok, laddie, if I were a voice in your head, why do I have me accent?

Cydric: Ah, the voices are confusing me!

(Cydric begins beating his head against a telephone pole. Hearing the sound, some CWALers walk out.)

Lothos: Even though I only watch TV, I'm still out here because people like my character!

Mu: Shutup.

Lothos: Wow, it must be backwards day!


(Scene fades to inside CARV HQ)

Kazz: No! Please don't hurt me.

Fluffy: My dear Kazz, why ever would I do such a thing ?

Kazz: Ahh, she's scaring me!


(Scene fades back to outside.)

Cydric: Get out! (wham!) Get out! (wham!) Get out! (wham!)

Palin: Ach, this be useless... where's Voice when I need him.

Voice: Right here!

Palin: Ach, keep your Voice down!

(Small drum role signifying a pun.)

Palin: Pun? ACH!

Voice: Alright, shutup. Now, what is the problem?

Palin: This bleatin' idiot won't listen to me! ACH! ACH! ACH!

(Palin follows Cydric's actions, which causes some weird side effect.)

Cydric: Ach, what the bloody 'ell is happening ?

(All the CWALers look at the defiler speaking in a dwarven accent.)

Cydric: Oh... I mean... umm... disney something... land... yeah!

(The CWALers nod and leave... except Mu.)

Mu: Shutup!

(Mu leaves too.)

Cydric: This is just perfect!


(Scene sets back in limbo, Cydric... the real Cydric, is going quite insane... moreso.

Cydric: Hehehehehahahahaha!

Voice: It's ok, you'll get your body back soon.

Cydric: I'm not listening!

(Cydric puts his claws over his ears.)

Cydric: Lalalala... lalalala...

Voice: *Sigh*


Palin woke with a start. He had had the same dream of meeting an archmage who ended up killing him more times than he'd like to remember, but this time was different. Palin couldn't seem to get back to sleep, so he went for a walk. Dor'inth was still asleep and the dwarf didn't want to wake him up.

"What could it mean?" he thought out loud, "could this be a vision?"

After hours of walking, he found his way back to the camp and found Dor'inth already awake and eating. It seemed he never stopped eating! Sitting down, Palin joined his friend for a meal of bread and cheese.


(Scene sets back in Irvine.)

Cydric: Ach, what to do... what to do...

(Palin in Cydric's body was walking around in circles in the middle of a highway. Many people had already swerved off the road and ran out from their cars away from the Zerg.)

Cydric: Well, if I must find my other, he must be in Canada!

(Cydric goes to the least destroyed vehicle and hops in.)

Cydric: Now, how do I drive this thing ?

(The engine starts and soon he's motoring down the highway, with several police following.)


(Scene sets back at the Zerg Canadian HQ, Cydric just walks in. The police are nowhere to be found.)

Ravil: Well, did you find him ?

Cydric: Well, laddie, I-

Ravil: Wait a minute, you don't sound like Cydric...

Cydric: (Hhhmmm... I may be able to use this to mine advantage!) I... mean, ummm... no, can I go to Disney-something?

Ravil: Well, whatever, just find Palin!

Cydric: Oh, err... sir, where'd we find Palin in the first place ?

Ravil: You should know, you were there when we did! In fact, you discovered him!

Cydric: Err... I... forgot.

Ravil: Well, you seem to be getting what little senses you have left, I'll show you!

(The two Zerg walk down a corridor, to the place in which Palin was originally found.)


(Scene sets in a dark cave. Ravil and Cydric have made their way to a rather normal-looking wall.)

Cydric: Ach, show me the bloody thing before I keel ya, laddie !

Ravil: ...

Cydric: Umm... I mean... are we there yet?

Ravil: *sigh* This is it!

(Ravil slashes at the rock, which gives way rather easily. Inside, there are several Cannuckalisks chipping away at cooled lava.)

Cydric: This... is it ?

Ravil: Yes, glorious, is it not? We found Palin here, preserved by the magma somehow. We saw potential for an extremely powerful warrior, and so we infested him. But, I don't have to tell you the story, you were there when it happened!

Cydric: Yes... of course I was.

Ravil: Anyways, since then we have sound some books and such that look like ancient magic. We didn't want Palin to get ahold of them since well... he'd probably kill us.

Cydric: You're damn right I will, laddie.

Ravil: What was that?

Cydric: That Palin guy should take a pill... can't he ?

Ravil: A poor rhyme, but one none the less. I'll let is pass. Anyways, we're hoping to find something important in here...

Cydric: What's that?

Ravil: Uhh... oh, nothing. By the way, why did you want to come here?

Cydric: I thought Palin would want to come here... to know where he came from...

Ravil: Sorry, we still can't figure that out.

Cydric: Sorry? For what?

Ravil: Did I say sorry? Oh, well nevermind.

Cydric: (Something fishy ees goin' on here, me thinks.) Have you ever found... anything else still alive?

Ravil: Well... we... that is... I have business to attend to, bu-bye!

(Ravil slithers away.)

Cydric: (in a low voice)He knows...

Ravil: (in a low voice) He knows...


(Scene sets on Char.)

Figure One: Agent, what news do you bring?

Figure Two: That lowly defiler has found out.

Figure One: I see... he could inform the dwarf of this?

Figure Two: The dwarf is still missing... but when he is found, yes, Cydric could tell him.

Figure One: I see... return with the news to Ravil, the prophecy must not come to pass, the dwarf must NOT return!

Figure Two: Yes, my lord.

(Figure Two fades into the shadows.)

Figure One: This is going all wrong...


(Scene sets inside the Zerg Canadian throne room. A shadow has just taken form behind the throne.)

Shadow: Lord Ravil, we have news.

Ravil: Be quick with it, someone's coming.

Shadow: Yes, my lord, the Dark One has proclaimed that the dwarf must not return, we cannot let the prophecy be fullfilled.

Ravil: A pity... he was an excellent warrior...

Shadow: An excellent warrior, perhaps, but if he gets into their hands-

Ravil: Leave, now! Cydric approaches!

(The shadow becomes just that, and fades away. Cydric enters.)

Cydric: My lord, you called me here?

Ravil: I did? Oh, yes, I did! You are to stop the search for Palin.

Cydric: What? Why?

Ravil: He's been found, he was... uh... lost and we... found him.

Cydric: Y-yes, of course... may I leave?

Ravil: Begone!

(Cydric leaves the room and enters a corridor.)

Cydric: Ok... I know Ravil be lying, but why would 'e be? This dunna make sense!

(He hears a noise coming from the throne room and sneaks back in, staying hidden.)

Ravil: I don't know, he's acting weird! He may be starting to suspect me!

Cydric: (He must be going crazy, talking to the shadows.)

(Then he saw, or rather heard, the shadows replied.)

Shadow: He is no longer looking for the dwarf?

Ravil: No, but he's not as stupid as he looks. Sooner or later, he'll find out about the profecy.

Shadow: We shall report this to himself immediately, farewell lord.

(And with that, the shadow was gone.)

Ravil: Hhhmmm... (Hears a sound) who goes there?

Cydric: Ach!

(Cydric scurries off, leaving Ravil to himself.)

Ravil: Uh oh, I wonder how much he heard...


Palin was walking through the woods, or rather, riding. Dor'inth's wings had long since tired too much for flight, but Palin's legs could cary him no further. He heard a sound, and immediately stopped. Then they came, a legion of ogre. They charged at Dorris, but did not expect a griffin, merely a horse. Being slashed and clawed by a sword is one thing, but feeling the bite of Palin's axe and Dor'inth's beak made them beat a swift retreat. Then came more, and Palin had regained his body, not even realising that his alternate self had taken it. But he could find no other explanation for the death of the ogres. Now that he was back to his cowardly self, he could not fight off a bird, let alone a pack of humanoids. Crying for his mount to take off, the dwarf was soon airborne. But Dor'inth could not go far, and they soon landed when they heard cries. Going to investigate, Palin saw the bodies of several sizzled ogres. This seemed so familiar, if only he could place his finger on it. Then he saw the wizard, and it clicked. This was the dream... but it seemed so real, he thought it might be reality. Too late did he remember the dream, and so was attacked by the mage. This time, however, he had the off sensation of being torn in half.


(Scene sets in the chamber of Palin's origin.)

Cydric: If only I could find my other... then I could get back into mine own body and find out what be goin' on with Ravil!

Voice: Alas, you're still in the dark, are you?

Cydric: Ach, not ye' again!

Voice: Ah, but I am here to help you! You need only to ask.

Cydric: Fine, where be my other?

Voice: ... That is the one thing I cannot tell you. But I can help you with your current problem.

Cydric: Ye' mean Ravil?

Voice: Yes, I shall tell you of an ancient prophecy which he fears.

Cydric: Oh, and what have that to do with me?

Voice: Everything! Now listen, and I shall tell you of the prophecy... there will be born to the royal house one who is alive but dead, he will die again and live again and when he returns he shall bring in his hand the-

Cydric: What are ye' talkin' aboot?

Voice: Sorry, wrong prophecy. There once was a mighty warrior, a dwarf. His name was Palin-

Cydric: WHAT?

Voice: Quiet! Now, on one glorious battle, he died. But he did not depart, instead, his mind was split in two. It was said that once his mind and soul were on again, he would have all knowledge of the universe. But it was not to pass. A great wizard named Psibelius divined this prophecy and attempted to thwart it, fearing that one could be more powerful than he. In great despiration, he attempted to kill the dwarf, but only succeeded in spliting the two minds that the dwarf possessed into different bodies. Palin, you are one of those minds. Once you find your other, you will become the most powerful warrior in this universe.

Cydric: ...

Voice: But to this day, there are those who would stop you, fearing your power. Ravil is working for such people, for reasons unknown even to me.

Cydric: Who are you? Why are you so interested in this? Why?

Voice: My intentions shall remain my own for now, just know that I wish you to have the power that is rightfully yours. Did it not occur to you that the mage would know you would try to fullfill the prophecy? He would never put your other in the same place as you... but alas, I cannot find where...

Cydric: But... that means I'll have to search this entire bloody planet!

Voice: No, I am sure it is NOT on this planet. You see, it was not in the past that this happened. It was in another dimension.

Cydric: Oh, you're alot o' help!

Voice: Listen! Once you travel to this dimension, you'll be able to find him! Now I must leave, the real Cydric is in limbo still.

Cydric: Oh, well be off with ya!

(Voice departs.)

Voice: Yes, I do wish you to regain your power... and regain what is mine! I shall control you, dwarf, and then none shall stand in my way! Bwahahaha. Wait, do a close up on my face when I do my evil laugh. And then none shall stand in my way! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect!


(Scene sets around the fabled Dark Portal. A single form emerges with a charge of energy and the portal returns to normal.)

Cydric: Ach, I still be in this form! I'd best search for me other.

(The defiler walks off into some forest or other and is soon lost. Suddenly, a mighty griffin sweeps down and grabs the Zerg Canadian in it's talons.)

Cydric: Ach! Put me down laddie!

Dor'inth: Squak?

(Dor'inth drops the Defiler, knowing that this creature is Palin somehow. But he decided to show it to his friend anyways. Picking up Cydric's body, Dor'inth flies off towards a small mountain.)


(Scene sets in the Zerg Canadian throne room.)

Shadow: What do you mean, he's missing?

Ravil: Just what I said, he's missing!

Shadow: WHO?

Ravil: Cydric!

Shadow: This does not bode well... our plan is not going well at all...

Ravil: What about our bargain? When can I return?

Shadow: All in good time, Ravil, all in good time. First we must find this Defiler... and execute him!

Ravil: WHAT? Palin is one thing, but I am NOT going to have Cydric killed!

Shadow: You wish to stay an exile?

Ravil: ... No.

Shadow: Then they must both die, only then can we ensure the prophecy never comes to pass.

(The Shadow departs.)

Ravil: What's the point in returning if I have no one to return with?

(Ravil slithers off to Sofielisk's chambers to 'think')


(Scene sets on Char.)

Master: So, Ravil will execute him?

Shadow: I have no reason to doubt so, but what is to become of him?

Master: He shall return to Char, such as we promised...

Shadow: And if he fails?

Master: He will return... in shackles.

(The master laughs a cruel, bad person laugh and leaves the Shadow to himself.)

Shadow: Yes, fail he must!

(The Shadow materializes into the form of Voice and departs.)


(Scene sets in a dark cave in the WCA Universe.)

Palin: I hope Dorris returns soon... he sure is taking a while...

Voice: Greetings oh dwarf!

Palin: Who's there? Show yourself!

Voice: I prefer not to... but I do have a proposition for you.

Palin: Well then let's hear it, I suppose...

Voice: Ah, yes, the cowardly side I suppose...

Palin: Are you calling me a coward?

Voice: Yes.

Palin: Oh...

Voice: Here is the proposition: your pet griffin shall soon return and-

Palin: He's not my pet... he's my friend... my only friend...

Voice: Erm... yeah, anyways, he is bringing with him your other half-

Palin: No! I never want to see that abomination again! I-

Voice: Quiet!

Palin: Yes sir...

Voice: When he returns, though, he will be in possession of another body. Once you two become one again, he will no longer inhabit that body, so it can be... destroyed.

Palin: Wha- become one? Destroy a body? I don't understand.

Voice: Just do exactly as I say... psst psst pssss-

Palin: Why are you whispering? There's no one else here.

Voice: Whoops! Ok, simply lock hands with him and the rest will happen on it's own.

Palin: I'm not so sure of this... why would I want to become one with him?

Voice: You would no longer be a coward, you would have power beyond imagination!

Palin: I dunno...

Voice: And all the chics would dig ya!

Palin: ... I'll do it!


(Scene sets in Limbo.)

Cydric: Lalalala, hehehehehohohihi.

Voice: This is quite disturbing.

Cydric: I know it is mister person who I can't see, but who's talking to me who will take me to Disneyland!

Voice: Disneyland? Umm... ok, I'll take you to Disneyland if you do one thing for me...

Cydric: What? For sure? Really?

Voice: Of course! Why would I lie to you?

Cydric: Because you're evil?

Voice: Who told y- umm... no I'm not.

Cydric: Oh! Ok! Whatcha want me to do?

Voice: It's really quite simple, I will return you to Char...

Cydric: NO! They're mean there and there's no Disneyland!

Voice: Hmmm... this will slow my plans... ok, I'll return you to Ravil and you must make sure you tell him that you have found Palin and he seemed much different. He told you that he was going to Char. Ok?

Cydric: But... but that would be lying!

Voice: Augh... this guy's an idiot!

Cydric: Me?

Voice: No, the idiotic defiler standing behind you.

Cydric: Where?

(Cydric spins around in circles searching for the other defiler until he gets sick and stop.)

Voice: Now, it won't be a lie... let's say... I'm Palin!

Cydric: You are? You seem different...

Voice: Yes, yes! I'm going to Char, ok?

Cydric: Really?

Voice: Yes, now I'll send you back to Ravil. Make sure to tell him!

Cydric: Okie dokie!

(Cydric disappears in a puff of smoke.)

Voice: Excellent. Now to attend to matters on Char...

(Voice turns into a Shadow and also disappears in a puff of smoke.)


(Scene sets in the dark cave. Cydric has just been brought in by Dor'inth and is being inspected by Palin.)

Palin: So, you're my other apparently?

Cydric: Yes, and from what I've heard, laddie, I got the better half!

Palin: That's not nice...

Cydric: Coward!

Palin: Maniac!

Cydric: Why thank ye'. So, hew are we sepposed to dew this mergin' thing?

Palin: Well, the mysterious person who told me about you said that all we had to do was lock hands...

Cydric: This body dunna have hands!

Palin: ... That's not good...

Cydric: Ach! I knew! If I can get me wee body back from limbo, I might be able to get back into it!

Palin: Limbo?

Cydric: Ach, tis' a long story, laddie.

Palin: Would you quit calling me laddie, please. We are kinda the same person, you know.

Cydric: Ach, sorry, laddie.

Palin: That's bet- hey!

Cydric: Hah! Coward!

Palin: This isn't funny, we need to find your body again...

Cydric: Wait! I dew have these claw things!

(Cydric holds up his claws.)

Palin: Well, wouldn't that hurt?

Cydric: Yew, maybe!

(Cydric grabs Palin's hands in his claws and a beam of energy appears for a split second and departs. Cydric's body is gone, and Palin is half-infested.)

Palin: We... I am... whole!

(Palin realizes that he has fullfilled the prophecy and containing all knowledge, realizes the error.)

Palin: No! Voice... he has done this... we trusted him...

Voice: Huzzah! It took you chaps long enough to merge! Ok, now I've got you're first mission!

Palin: Mission, mortal? We hardly think so.

Voice: Ah, but you see, I control you. You will do my bidding!

Palin: How about not?

Voice: What... I don't understand! I implanted a... controling neural suggestion into... Palin's body! Not Cydric's!

Palin: We... I know.

Voice: Hah! It matters not! The Prophecy is fullfilled! The world will tremble!

Palin: We... no. I understand now!

Voice: No! You cannot stop me! I am born anew!

(As he speaks, Voice forms into the body... of Dark Chrono!)

Dark Chrono: Muahahaha! This body, it suited me well!

Palin: What? You block our power?

Dark Chrono: Even your 'mighty power' is no match for me! I am a regular! MUAHAHAHA!

Palin: This disturbs us... but, why wait until now?

Dark Chrono: Because only after death did I become... evil!

Palin: Then... this... this...

Dark Chrono: Is all your doing! Hahaha!

Palin: We must make amends!

Dark Chrono: It's too late, your precious 'CWAL prime' universe is dead! Just as this one will be, and all the CWAL universes! HAHAHA!

Palin: Never, we shall stop this!

Dark Chrono: You are welcome to try!

(Palin quickly shoots a blast of energy at Dark Chrono, who simply nods his head and causes the beam to boomerang at it's creator. Palin absorbs the energy that he threw and doubles it, focusing it into his axe. The axe begins emitting a white aura that made the sun look like a puny firecracker. Just as the light appeared, it was obsorbed into the axe. With that, Palin emitted a flare, momentairily blinding his opponent. He lunged at Dark Chrono with his axe drawn, but the former Protoss simply teleported out of the way. With a grunt, Palin hit the rock surface where Dark Chrono had been standing... err... floating.)

Dark Chrono: Give up yet?

Palin: Yes, we now understand.

Dark Chrono: What?

Palin: It is all so simple to us now that you have been distracted.

(With that, Palin vanished, leaving Dark Chrono pondering what he meant.)


(Scene sets in a dark forest. Palin has just made camp.)

Palin: This seems... familiar.

(Suddenly, Dorris appears, being chased by several ogres. The ogres attack the duo, and are momentairily held at bay. Palin is about to mount Dorris and fly off when another dwarf appears. Only, it was him.)

Palin: We shall delay this...

(With that, Palin saw the other version of him speak some words, and then they were gone. The strange Palin and the ogres.)

Palin: ... What just happened?

Dor'inth: Scraw?

Palin: Oh well, some things we weren't meant to know.

(Palin goes to sleep beside Dor'inth, who quickly does the same.)


(Scene sets in Irvine, outside CWAL HQ)

Palin: Ach, that was fast!

Dorris: Bahhhh!

Palin: You're a mule, shaddup!

Dorris: You're a dwarf!

Palin: Ach, I'll speak in my accent then, ok?

Dorris: *Mule noises*

Palin: Aye, that's better!

(Palin walks into CWAL HQ)

Iolaus: Wow, another newbie!

Palin: NEWBIE?

Iolaus: Umm... let me direct you to Dark Chrono, since everyone loves to use him in stories!

(Dark Chrono merrily stroles in and Iolaus vanishes.)

Dark Chrono: Hello, I'd just like to say- oh my god, what the hell is that?

Palin: Ach, what?

(The dwarf turns around... only to see himself.)

Palin: We are here to make amends.

(Palin waves his hand, and Dark Chrono disappears. He then vanishes himself.)

Palin: Ach...

(Palin returns to the ZC HQ.)


(Scene sets upon Char.)

Voice: No! My power! Little did he know that we have been around far longer then that pon...

Master: Who goes there?

(Voice takes the form of a Shadow.)

Shadow: My lord, Ravil has attempted to make the prophecy come to fruition!

Master: You have proof of this?

Shadow: He has failed, watch.

(The Shadow points his hand, and an image of the Zerg Canadian throne room appears. Cydric enters.)

Cydric: Ravil, I found Palin! He was different, but I know it was him! He said he was going to Char! Can I go to Disneyland now?

Ravil: ...

(The Shadow makes another motion of his hand, and the image disappears.)

Master: This happened?

Shadow: Of course, search my mind if you must.

(Seeding the lie with enough truth, considering it DID happen... in another timeline, the Master decides that the Shadow in the Hive has spoken truthfully.)

Master: This is most disturbing...

Shadow: Your orders, my lord?

Master: Aprehend him... he is to be brought to Char to stand trial...

Shadow: Yes, my lord.

(The Shadow departs.)

Master: Oh, be weary servant, for I know your intent. But Ravil, he is a loose cannon. I have evidence. I know all too well the prophecy came to pass but was halted. Our plan has succeeded, and so shall Ravil be punished... but not for this.

(After talking to himself, the Master Shadow in the Hive walked away from the crater, going to report to the Overmind that they had reason enough to aprehend the rebel.)



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